10 Fastest Internet Countries in the World 2023, What Number is Indonesia?

Speed Test released a list of the 10 countries with the fastest internet judi slot in the world based on Speedtest Global Index data. How about Indonesia?

Speedtest Global Index is an institution that examines a country’s internet speed as well as the global average as a whole.

Countries in Asia dominate the list of 10 countries with the highest internet speed in the world, beating countries in the Middle East and Europe.

In determining the list of countries with the fastest internet, there are two types of internet being measured, namely fixed broadband internet and mobile internet.

Fixed broadband is a type of internet channel that uses fiber optic or wireless networks. For example, the internet network used in the office.

Meanwhile, mobile broadband uses a SIM card to connect to the internet. For example, surfing the internet with a cell phone. Slot deposit

10 countries with the fastest internet connection in the world

Quoted from Speedtest.net, Monday (30/1/2023), here are 10 countries with the highest fixed broadband internet access speed in the world:

  1. Singapore: 225.71 Mbps
  2. China: 223.49 Mbps
  3. Chile: 220.96 Mbps
  4. United Arab Emirates: 206.12 Mbps
  5. Hong Kong: 201.79 Mbps
  6. Thailand: 198.98 Mbps
  7. United States: 192.73 Mbps
  8. Denmark: 192.23 Mbps
  9. Monaco: 174.47 Mbps
  10. Spain: 168.63 Mbps

While the 10 countries with the fastest mobile internet speed in the world are as follows:

  1. Qatar: 169.51 Mbps
  2. United Arab Emirates: 153.09 Mbps
  3. Norway: 128.14 Mbps
  4. South Korea: 122.55 Mbps
  5. Denmark: 119.55 Mbps
  6. China: 112.22 Mbps
  7. Netherlands: 112.15 Mbps
  8. Kuwait: 109.74 Mbps
  9. Macau: 108.01 Mbps
  10. Brunei Darussalam: 98.25 Mbps

Internet access in Indonesia

Based on Speedtest Global Index data, Indonesia is not included in the 10 countries with the highest internet speed in the world. judi roulette online

Indonesia currently has a broadband internet speed capacity of 25.45 Mbps. Meanwhile, the mobile internet speed that is owned is even less, which is only 17.57 Mbps.

From Speed Test data, internet speed in Indonesia for cellular networks is in position number 110 out of 141 in the world and ranks 119 out of 178 countries for broadband internet speed.

Indonesia’s position is far behind Malaysia, which has a cellular internet speed of 43.46 Mbps and is ranked 45th. Meanwhile, the neighboring country is in 36th position in broadband internet speed with 90.89 Mbps.

Internet users in Indonesia

According to a survey conducted by the Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers (APJII), as many as 210,026,769 out of a total of 272,682,600 Indonesian residents as of 2022 are connected to the internet.

This figure shows that 77.02 percent of Indonesians have access to the internet. This percentage has increased to almost 4 percent of the number of internet users in 2020.

From this data, the majority of Indonesian citizens, as much as 98 percent, use the internet to access social media.

Apart from that, they also use the internet to access public services and make online transactions.

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