5 Facts and History of Air Jordan Shoes You Need to Know

Air Jordans are timeless sneakers. These sneakers, originally created for basketball player Michael Jordan, have been released over the years, but are still a staple of sneakerheads today. Air Jordans are often re-released with minor changes or collaborations with public figures, so these sneakers always have fans.

Apart from that, Air Jordan sneakers are also very stylish for casual wear. At least for men who want to wear basketball shoes in their appearance, Air Jordan is definitely one of the most attractive shoe brands to own.

1. Produced from 1984 exclusively for Michael Jordan

If you pay close attention, Air Jordan sneakers have two logos, namely the Nike logo and the Air Jordan logo, which is a silhouette of Michael Jordan jumping. Yes, Air Jordan is indeed a product of Nike, a shoe company from the United States.

Nike first made sneakers for Michael Jordan in 1984, which we now situs slot gacor know as Air Jordan I. Even though Jordan was worn that year, in fact the Air Jordan I product was only released to the market in 1985. Interestingly, until now Air Jordan I is still become the target of basketball shoe lovers as one of the most iconic basketball shoes from Air Jordan.

2. Adidas and Converse became Nike’s competitors to get Michael Jordan

Initially, Nike’s efforts to hook Michael Jordan for his sneakers series were not easy. Nike must fight Converse and Adidas to win Jordan’s heart to want to use his sneakers. Jordan himself initially used Converse because the basketball club coach he was defending was under contract with Converse.

At the start of the fund, Converse also attempted to sign Jordan after moving to the Chicago Bulls, but Jordan refused because he thought Converse already had contracts with other top athletes in the NBA. Jordan himself actually really likes Adidas as a brand of sneakers that he wants to wear. But at that time Adidas had to deal with Nike who also wanted to hook Jordan to be contracted to use his sneakers.

3. Became own brand after 13 years

If at first Air Jordan was a series output from Nike, now Air Jordan has become a separate brand. This comes 13 years after the release of the first Air Jordan, shortly after the release of the Air Jordan XIII. Since then Air Jordan has become a brand that stands alone as the Jordan brand.

Actually, this has been wanted by Michael Jordan through David Falk situs judi baccarat as his agent since the first time Michael Jordan signed his contract with Nike. After dozens of years, that wish finally came true.

4. Michael Jordan wasn’t wearing an Air Jordan I when he was fined by the NBA

The Air Jordan I “Banned” became one of the most controversial of the Air Jordan series. The reason is, the Air Jordan series was previously banned by the NBA for use due to infringement rules which required players to wear basketball shoes that matched the team’s uniform and had the same color as a one-shot partner, and had white inside. Even though at that time Jordan had to wear black and red shoes from Nike.

Nike also said it was paying a $5,000 fine awarded by the NBA for Jordan continuing to wear the red and black shoes. Sales of the red and black Air Jordan I with the designation “Banned” were selling well as a result, even today it is still a very iconic basketball sneakers.

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