Alias Grace Review : Murder Cases Done Unconsciously

Alias Grace Review


Alias ​​Grace is a Netflix series based on a fictional novel made by Margaret Atwood in 1996. This film tells the story of a rich merchant named Thomas Kinnear who is awakened by his two maids named Grace Marks and James McDermott. This murder case ultimately resulted in James McDermott being sentenced to hanging, while Grace Marks was sentenced to life in prison.


Grace Marks, a housemaid who was suspected of the murder of Thomas Kinnear, has been hired from the prison to serve as a domestic helper at the prison governor’s house. Grace can’t remember the exact day of the murder and shows symptoms of hysteria. This ultimately led the Pastors of the Methodist church to hire Dr. Simon Jordan, a psychiatrist to analyze and interview Grace about the incident in the hope that he will find her hysterical, and not criminal.

Alias Grace' review: Margaret Atwood's Netflix mystery is harrowing

Dr. Jordan ended up trying to interview Grace every day of the afternoon. Grace finally agreed with one reason, namely telling everything from the beginning of his life. Grace tells how her childhood in Ireland, where her father was often drunk and her mother was often pregnant and Grace had to raise a younger child. He told the doctor the details of the dirty crowd conditions in the hold of the ship where his mother was sick and died. In Canada, because her judi online father continued to spend her income on alcohol, she and her children were almost starving and with her mother gone, Grace’s father started harassing her and even at one point attempted to rape her. Dr. Jordan did listen but he felt impatient, seeing his initial privacy and harassment as irrelevant to his case. This is what finally made Grace decide to look for work and finally got a job as a housemaid.

Alias Grace is already more than its murder mystery

As a servant, Grace met a girl named Mary Whitney who was also a servant and shared a room with her. Mary taught Grace many things, both how to act as a waitress, giving advice to joking with her about the upper class of the family.

As time went on, Marry turned out to be pregnant but was not told who did this to her. Marry finally tried to abort the fetus in his body, but it was unfortunate that the next day Marry had to die because the abortion had failed.

Grace continues to tell her story in vivid detail, trying to keep doctors interested. He was turned on by Grace’s description of James McDermott’s progress and Thomas Kinnear’s affair with Nancy Montgomery. The landlady doctor, who had been abandoned by her drunken husband, threw herself at him. She doesn’t appeal to him and he rejects her. She gives him the money so she can look after the house, thinking he will stop bothering her, but that only provokes him to try harder until she manages to seduce him.

A Spiritualist on the Committee has long suggested that Dr. DuPont, the “Neuro-Hypnotist”, must put Grace in a trance and awaken her subconscious memories. Dr. Jordan, now desperate to quit his master plan, could no longer get in the way of the Committee. It seemed to everyone present, that after DuPont put Grace to sleep, Mary Whitney’s voice took over, happily telling everyone that she was haunting Grace because her soul was not released when she died. She said she possessed Grace’s body on the day of the murder, and encouraged James McDermott to help her kill Montgomery and Kinnear. She says Grace doesn’t remember because she doesn’t know what happened. Dr. Jordan confirmed that there were several scientific reports on the “multiple personality” phenomenon, but he avoided the Committee’s’ Request for his report and skipped town, claiming his mother was sick. He promised to send them the report, but back home, he immediately joined the Union Army. After he was wounded in the war, he forgot the whole case (and married the rich young woman his mother had been pushing for all this time). Grace Marks finally earned forgiveness (as did historic Grace), and according to the novel she changed her name and started a new life in the United States.


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